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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

EckfordLab advocates equity, diversity, inclusion, non-discrimination, global cooperation, and compassion; condemns discrimination, harassment, and violence; and affirms an unequivocal commitment to treat everyone fairly. The lab recognizes the challenges of underrepresented groups in science and engineering, and is committed to providing a welcoming space for all. The lab, alongside York University, strongly values diversity, including gender and sexual diversity, within its community.

Postdoctoral Fellows

POSITION AVAILABLE for a postdoctoral fellow starting early 2022, to lead exciting projects related to molecular communication, information theory, and the biophysics of information, in collaboration with a multinational, multidisciplinary research team.

As the ideal candidate, you are a recent PhD graduate (applicants who have completed all PhD requirements but who have not formally graduated are also invited to apply). You have strong mathematical skills and computational skills; a background in one or more of information theory, communications, biophysics, mathematical biology, or closely related fields; a track record of strong scientific publication and clear writing; and the ability to take initiative and learn new material quickly. The subject area of your PhD is less relevant than these skills, but PhDs in mathematics, physics, and electrical engineering are particularly encouraged to apply.

Apply as soon as possible by contacting the principal investigator with a copy of your CV. Applications will remain open until the position is filled.

Graduate Students

General application instructions: Positions at the MASc or PhD level may be available from time to time, depending on funding. To join the lab as a graduate student, please apply for admission to the MASc or PhD program in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In your application materials, mention your interest in working with Prof. Eckford.

Please contact the principal investigator for more information.

NOTE: Because the PI receives many emails inquiring about graduate positions, you can help your message stand out (and prove that you checked this page) by answering the following question in the first line of your email:

  • Who is your favourite science fiction author? (If you don't like science fiction, who is your favourite author in general?) No explanation needed, just the name.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate research internships are often available in the lab, especially in the summer. Priority is given to York University students under Lassonde School undergraduate research programs. Please contact the principal investigator for more information.